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The Unfat
A Novel by Jon Bennett

Spiking rates of autism, obesity, designer drugs, global warming, high unemployment, and a disintegrating social safety net make escapism more than a hobby; it's a lifestyle. Welcome to the world of The Unfat. There's nothing but trouble for Ron Weiss. He loses his job as a stimchair repairman and in order to take care of his autistic son becomes a test subject for a pharmaceutical conglomerate. When a rival company offers Ron a small fortune to become a spy, the offer is too good to refuse. Conspiracies, science gone awry, and cults intertwine in this fast paced, near-future thriller from veteran musician and author Jon Bennett.

An Album by Jon Bennett

Angst driven album featuring self-pity and grief.

Gone, So Continue
An Album by Jon Bennett

Originally recorded in 2004.